Roca London Gallery Interior

By David Gutierrez | London Photographer

March 8, 2014

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Roca London Gallery

The concept for the Roca London Gallery begins with water in its many forms and phases as both an idea to make space and to express our adaptability and openness to change and innovation.
Water acts as a theme for the architecture theme, connecting all aspects of the Gallery.
The displays and the areas around each display have been shaped by the movement of water. Water has created a changeable space, one which people will continue to return to.
Zaha Hadid Architects incorporate Roca’s established history and culture of innovation into the experience of the space. Rather than create a fixed gallery solely for products, Zaha Hadid has developed a flexible space for Roca, where displays, a meeting room, café bar, library, multi-media wall, reception and video screens are dispersed so visitors feel they are in an active design centre; a research hub that is much more than just a showroom.


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