The Crystal Building, London

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” The newest building in London docklands is one of the greenest in the world, and his crystal design looks great in a fine summer day…”

The Crystal

The Crystal is one of the world’s greenest buildings, achieving Outstanding BREEAM accreditation and expected to achieve Platinum LEED accreditation – the most stringent standards for sustainable design and construction. It demonstrates firsthand the remarkable systems and technologies that are employed to reduce its carbon footprint and ensure its environmental credentials over the long term.
The Crystal is an all-electric building that uses solar power and a ground source heat pump to generate its own energy. That means no fossil fuels are burnt within the building. The Crystal showcases state-of-the-art technologies to make buildings more efficient and also profiles Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio.
The building incorporates rainwater harvesting, black water treatment, solar heating and automated building management systems. The design of the building’s structure provides additional insulation and takes energy efficiency to a new level.

The Crystal Building, London

The Crystal Building, London


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