Bilbao Architecture

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Bilbao Architecture

This unique building has transformed Bilbao, opening the city to the world and projecting it into the future. It occupies the site of the old lumber company, on the edge of the left bank of the Estuary and reaching under the la Salve Bridge.

It is said that Frank Gehry visited Bilbao for a day to start the plans for the building, and went with several companions to mount Artxanda. When he saw Bilbao from above he said, ‘That is the place’.

The building is organised organically around a grand central atrium, as if growing out from within towards the different spaces comprising the galleries and various complementary installations. With a stairway to the entrance, the structure reaches the Estuary and stretches under la Salve Bridge. Titanium, stone, blue textures, large esplanade.…

Bilbao Architecture

Bilbao Architecture


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