London 2012 Copper Box

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London 2012 Copper Box

The venue was designed and built with sustainability as a priority. Among its many innovative features, the roof of the Copper Box is fitted with 88 light pipes that allow natural light into the venue, reducing the demand for electric lights. This will achieve annual energy savings of up to 40%.

Rainwater collected from the venue’s roof will be used to flush toilets and reduce water use at the venue by up to 40%.
The glazed concourse level that encircles the building will allow visitors after the Games to see the sport taking place inside and illuminating the venue when lit at night.

The top half of the venue is clad in 3,000 square metres of external copper cladding – mostly recycled – to give it a unique appearance that will develop a rich natural colour as it ages.
Construction began in July 2009 and it was the third competition venue on the Olympic Park to be completed in May 2011.

London 2012 Olympic Stadium

London 2012 Olympic Stadium


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